Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge by the beach for a few days? Attend a three-day retreat at said beach, with other mompreneurs just like you? Doesn’t a little spa time, a little girl time, some reflection, and time to focus on the next steps for your business sound pretty good right now?  

Well, To Be Retreats has decided that we’re not gonna let this pandemic stand in our way of some much-deserved retreat time!  We’ve found a way for you to make connections, renew your mind, and carve out dedicated time to work on our business while getting feedback from women in the same boat. (Pun intended!)

Drum roll, please…

We’re pre-launching our first Retreat in a Box – the Tides and Currents Retreat – a three three-day retreat focused on finding direction and flow in your business. And we’re looking for 12 inspired and inspiring entrepreneur moms to be part of our pre-launch crew.  


Access to a private online forum where you will connect with other women business owners and share your experiences during and after the retreat. Because let’s be honest we’re a unique community within the world of working moms and not everyone “gets it”. 

A live kickoff call to meet your crewmates and begin building connections that will last well beyond our three days together.  

Daily video updates that provide just enough structure to help you dive deeply into the story of your business – how you got where you are, what needs your focus now, and where your greatest opportunities lie.  These videos will provide instructions for activities that feel like play while providing deep insight into the past, present, and future of your business.   

We’ll be coming to you from Florida, but you can engage in the activities, which can be completed in a few hours each day, from anywhere in the world.  We’ll bring the ocean to you.  

And just to make sure you get the full effect, we’re including some carefully selected pamper items to help you settle into your retreat vibe. They include:

  • A jade roller and gua sha set by Lather that your face will thank you for again and again and again and again.  
  • An orchid and sea salt candle that will instantly transport you to a beach chair.
  • A dot-grid journal to capture all the “a-ha!” moments you’re about to experience
  • A pineapple mule cocktail mixer that pairs exceptionally with your favorite vodka, whiskey or even sparkling water – because what’s a beach retreat without a fruity umbrella drink?  
  • A wave motif necklace from Ocean & Co to help you remember all the wisdom you will be taking away and serve as a reminder to take the courageous steps necessary to put that wisdom into action!  

Because we know that the insights shared by the pre-launch crew are SOOOO important, we’re offering the first twelve participants a HUGE discount.

All you have to do is promise that you will:

  • Participate in the kick-off call at 12:00 pm Eastern Standard Time on Monday, October 9th.
  • Attend as many check-in calls as your schedule permits. (They will be recorded because we’re real moms too.)
  • Complete all of the retreat activities and share your thoughts in the online forum. Activities take an average of 1-2 hours and can be done anytime within 24 hours of the video post.
  • Complete a survey about your experience and be a part of creating something magical for other entrepreneur moms.

Time to pack your virtual bags, mama. Let’s go to the beach! Click the button below to make your purchase. 

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