Tides & Currents Retreat in a Box

2 boxes and glass jarWhat’s included in the Tides & Currents retreat box?

Retreat Agenda:  

Share your thoughts and engage in discussion in our private online forum with daily videos and guidance from our professional development team, relaxation and reflection activities that will last approximately 1-2 hours each day, optional gatherings for live discussion, Q&A, and growth sharing.   Online discussion groups begin on January 17, 2021 and run through January 20th

Day One:  Get in the Water

The first day of any retreat is about rest and reflection.  The activities of Day 1 help you unplug, clear your head, and prepare for the transformative work ahead.  You learn to create the environment in which your brain does its best work, a strategy you will use again and again after the retreat has finished.  

Day Two:  High and Low Tides

We can learn a lot from the predictability of the ocean tides.  With close examination, we can begin to recognize the patterns in our lives that have preceded our own high and low tides.  Day 2’s activities will guide you through this reflection. Once aware of these patterns, you can do more of the things that lead to success and learn to make adjustments when you see a low tide coming.  

Day Three: Finding Your Current

Currents do more than just push water around.  They keep the ocean alive.  They also come in different forms, and the activities of Day 3 focus on recognizing the type of current you need most right now.  This awareness enables you to find and swim with the currents that avoid danger and struggle, bringing life and ease instead.


We’ve carefully selected these gifts to help you fully experience your virtual retreat to the beach.  

Let it All Go

Every retreat begins with a little pampering, and this jade facial roller delivers!  Feel the tension leave your face as the naturally-cooling properties of the jade combine with a gentle massage you can repeat at a moment’s notice.  Using stone facial rollers for a lymphatic massage as part of your skincare routine helps to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, and improve blood circulation to even out skin tone.  Yes, please!

Breathe in the Salt Air

candle in a jar

Imagine the smell of the beach and the spa wrapped into one refreshing scent.  That’s what you’ll experience with our Sea Salt & Orchid candle.  No matter where you are or what time of year it is, this candle will take you straight to the warm shores of the Atlantic for some soul-soothing rest. 

No Umbrella Required

This pineapple mule cocktail mixer invites you to put your feet up and bask in the sunshine no matter where you are.  This sweet, but not too sweet, mixer pairs exceptionally well with your favorite vodka, whiskey, or even sparkling water – because what’s a beach retreat without a fruity umbrella drink?  

bottle of yellow liquid

Capture Your Thoughts and Plans in the Way that Fits You Best

swirling pattern of blue and yellow

Mirroring the colors and motion of the ocean, this dot grid journal is the perfect place to pour out your thoughts, reflect on the tides and currents in your life, and create an action plan for moving forward.  The flexibility of its 120 dot grid pages allows you to journal, mind-map, and sketch, all in the same place.  The journal measures 8’ by 6”, the perfect size to drop in your purse so it’s ready to capture your big ideas at a moment’s notice. 

A Reminder to Find Your Flow

This sweet copper wave motif necklace will serve as a reminder of all the wisdom you will be taking away from the retreat.  It also serves as a reminder to take the courageous steps necessary to put that wisdom into action!  Its versatile style will allow you to wear this necklace with everything from flirty summer dresses to a white top and jeans.  Keep your momentum flowing with this beautiful reminder.

circle necklace with copper and turquios

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in work that feeds your soul and flows from your heart, reserve your Tides & Currents Retreat Box while they last!  

 *Product substitutions of equal or greater value may be made to ensure on-time delivery

Cost:  $159 + shipping & handling

Order by December 1 to ensure Christmas delivery.  Prices in effect through December 31st.  Rates increase on January 1, 2021.