Taking Aim Box

Wooden box says: Taking AimWhat’s included in the Taking Aim retreat box?

Retreat Agenda:  

Share your thoughts and engage in discussion in our private online forum with daily videos and guidance from our professional development team, relaxation and reflection activities that will last approximately 1-2 hours each day, optional gatherings for live discussion, Q&A, and growth sharing.   Online discussion groups begin on January 10, 2021 and run through January 12th

Day One:  Casting Aside What’s Not Meant for You to Carry 

The first day of any retreat is about rest and reflection.  The activities included in Day 1 will help you do just that.  Set down the stress, worry, and negativity that are weighing you down, indulge in intentional physical relaxation, and reflect on ways in which you can lighten the load of responsibility and stress you carry every day. 

Day Two:  Trusting Yourself 

What would it feel like to put down the self-doubt and imposter syndrome and step boldly into the work you were meant to do?  Pretty amazing, right?  The activities in Day 2 are designed to help you uncover the roadblocks that have you stuck in self-doubt and trust your intuition.

Day Three: Finding and Holding a Singular Focus 

Potential distractions are endless.  On Day Three you’ll learn to recognize the specific settings and emotions that tempt you to branch off onto a path not meant for you and return your focus to the goals that matter most.  


As if that’s not enough, check out the Taking Aim gifts that will help you get into and maintain your retreat vibe!

Cleansing the Old, Preparing for the New

Every retreat begins with a little pampering.  Physically and mentally let go of the old while preparing for the new in the most luxurious way.  The Goddess Detoxifying Clay Mask is a purifying blend that is ideal for deep cleansing of the skin. This rich clay mask will draw away impurities and bacteria in the skin while targeting acne and excess oil. Skin will be nourished and purified, leaving you ready to face whatever lies ahead.  

Jar says "Rivival"

Step Into the Woods

Jar says "Sweater Weather"

Picture yourself on a leaf-covered path preparing to perfect your practice.  The smooth, warm scent of our Sweater Weather candle will take you there with top notes of caramel and under and softer floral, heliotrope, amber, and cedarwood.  Snuggle into your favorite sweater and get ready to find your focus.  

Something to Warm Your Insides (and those of your friends!)

Owl’s Brew Mulling Spice is made with freshly-brewed chai spices, blended with cranberry, apple, and sweetened with cane sugar. It mixes well with wine, cider, or even seltzer.  This 16 oz bottle makes 8 toasty cocktails or mocktails. 

Plastic bottle says "Mulling Spices"

A Place to Pour Out Your Heart

blank album cover

Doesn’t this journal say, “Tell me your secrets!  We’ll figure it all out.”?  Capturing the flavor of finely wrought leather bindings, Paperblanks Viridian journal pays homage to the craft of delicate gold tooling. The timeless beauty of an antique leather binding is brought into the present on the cover of this 5 x 7 journal.  

A Reminder of Where to Find the Answers

For those moments when you begin to doubt, and we all have them, this natural stone heart paperweight will remind you of your inner strength and courage.  A fair trade product handmade in Kenya, the heart is hand-carved, sanded until smooth, and then polished. Since this heart shows the natural colors of the stone, some color variations should be expected. One can often see shades of cream, gray, pink, and/or brown in the design.  Approximately 3 inches wide. 

heart carved in stone

There is no time like right now to reconnect with what is meant for you.  Tune out the noise, find your path, and follow it to completion with the Taking Aim Box.  2021 could be the year that changes everything.  


 *Product substitutions of equal or greater value may be made to ensure on-time delivery

Cost:  $159 + shipping & handling

Order by December 1 to ensure Christmas delivery.  Prices in effect through December 31st.  Rates increase on January 1, 2021.