Retreats in a Box

What are the components of a well-planned retreat??

  • Pampering & Rest
  • Reflection
  • Building deep connections with likeminded people
  • Growth

They are also essential to the mental, physical, and emotional health of a business owner.   

While there is something truly magical about stealing away to an exotic location for some meaningful soul-searching and hard-earned relaxation, we at To Be Retreats know that it’s not always possible to do that.  

Perhaps, your family needs don’t allow for a week away.  Maybe your budget is tighter than expected, or maybe a global pandemic has restricted travel. (sigh)

Whatever your reason, the inability to travel shouldn’t rob you of the benefits of a retreat.  To tide you over, our expert team of professional development, travel, and wellness experts have put together a variety of Retreat-in-a-Box options, each with a different theme to help you gain clarity, move past your roadblocks, and charge ahead toward your life and business goals.  

In every box, you’ll find:

  • Activities that feel like play, but have a meaningful purpose.  Meaningful play is at the very heart of any transformative retreat, and our carefully planned activities are no exception.  
  • A private online forum where you can connect with other retreat participants, grow your network, share your a’ha! moments, and support each other long after the retreat has ended.  
  • Live calls with expert facilitators who will guide you through the experience and help you translate your ideas into action plans for moving forward once you’ve completed the retreat.  

Oh, and the contents of the box – they’re indulgent and oh so AH-MAZING!  No matter which box you choose, you’ll be delighted to find gifts that treat all of your senses, including:

  • A scent that transports you immediately upon lifting the box’s lid to a beach chair, a campfire, a walk in the woods, or wherever the box’s theme would have you go. This scent is usually in the form of a candle, but we’ll surprise you every now and then.  
  • Something that makes you feel pampered to your very core.  We know that spa time is something retreat participants look forward to most, and we carefully select beauty and wellness items for each box that enable deep relaxation and restoration. 
  • A journal to capture your thoughts.  Like everything else in the box, our journals vary in style from playful to old-world, each one inviting you to pour out your heart and uncover the answers you already hold within you.  
  • A special touch like a piece of jewelry or something for your desk that matches the box’s theme and serves as a reminder of what you discover and the commitments you make during your retreat.  
  • Most, though not all, boxes also include a treat for your tastebuds like a sweet indulgence or a fun cocktail mixer to further develop the retreat vibe.  

In short, there is no need to actually travel because we are bringing the retreat to you!  For more information about our current offerings, we invite you to enjoy an exploration of our current Retreat Boxes.

Tides & Currents Box

Wouldn’t it be nice to lounge by the beach for a few days? Attend a three-day retreat with women entrepreneurs just like you? Doesn’t a little spa time, a little girl time, some reflection, and some time to focus on the next steps for your business sound pretty good right now?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Tides & Currents Retreat Box is meant for you!  

With a focus on finding direction and momentum in your business, this three-day retreat will help you flow WITH your business, not fight against it.  If you’re looking for a little less struggle and a little more direction, you’ll find it with this beach-themed retreat.  

2 boxes and glass jar

Taking Aim Box

The sport of archery requires you to cast off anything unnecessary, develop a singular focus on your target, and trust your aim.  We could all use a little more of this in our lives!  The Taking Aim box helps you dive courageously into these areas as you apply them to your own life and business.  

Full of thoughtful gifts that will transport you straight to a crisp autumn day in the woods, the Taking Aim Box will take you on a journey of self-discovery.  We make the most progress when we find the path meant for us.  The activities and reflection included in this retreat box will lead you to that path and help you develop strategies for following it directly to where you want your life or your business to be.  

Wooden box says: Taking Aim

Unstoppable Box

Whether given as a gift to a friend, or a gift to yourself, giving the Unstoppable Box sends the clear message:  I Believe in You! 

The Unstoppable Box is part book club/ part affirmation designed to help creative entrepreneurs bring their unique gifts to the world.  

Packed with technical and mindset tools that will help you carry your creative work from concept to launch and accompanied by heartfelt reminders that you are unstoppable, this box is just the boost needed as 2020 becomes 2021. 

Box says "Next Big Thing Ahead"