I love having a consistent schedule and I LOVE when things go according to plan. (I admit it, I am a teeny bit of a control freak – I have to be to keep things sane around here!) Some days just get away from you, though, and those days can seem like a lost cause. You’ve been there, right? Nothing seems to be working and everything is taking twice as long as you know it should. I have more of those days than I care to admit.

I swear the internet mocks me sometimes. We survived 3 solid months of quarantine with perfect WIFI, but the moment online school started, the internet went down. It’s things like that that throw me off my game and make it seem impossible to get work done. Those are the moments in which it’s crucial to reset the day and try to carry on positively. Otherwise, we just end up complaining all day long with nothing to show for it.

I’d like to share four simple tips that will help reset your day when things seem to be derailing quickly.


1. Reset Your Mindset

Our thought process throughout the day is so important! Having a positive outlook is honestly the key to having a good day when things go south. I know not all situations are the same and not every problem can be overcome with a few positive thoughts, but it’s important to be proactive in controlling your mindset.

The more you focus on something the more it consumes you. So, how do you reset your mind? If you could simply tell yourself something and your brain would obey, we’d all be running marathons and still be wearing the same pant size as we did in college.

It varies from person to person, but capturing our thoughts is essential. When I find myself heading into a negative spiral, I force myself to start reframing things in a positive way, and gratitude is my go-to strategy for making that switch. Practicing gratitude, even in moments of challenge, often leads to a creative solution. At the very least, it allows me to do what needs to be done from a place of peace rather than a place of agitation.


2. Take 5 Minutes to Reflect

Reflection is also an essential tool for rescuing a difficult day. When unforeseen challenges take you off track, and you can’t seem to get things back together, take 5 minutes to reflect. What was the turning point that sent things in the wrong direction, and could it have been prevented? You can’t plan for every unforeseen circumstance, but in many cases, we can take steps to prevent the distractions that pull our focus away from what we want and need to be doing. Are you are noticing patterns in client emergencies or family-related issues? Taking 5 minutes to think about what happened and jotting a few things down will help you determine the actions you need to take, close the issue, and move on with the day.

We may not be able to fix things immediately but understanding what went wrong helps us feel more in control of the situation and more prepared for tomorrow. Even if there’s nothing you could have done to prevent the day’s challenges, reflection helps you deal with the emotions you feel and move on with what needs to be done.


3. Move on to Something Productive

Sometimes we just need the moral boost of accomplishing something. When everything is taking twice as long and I don’t seem to be making progress, I like to work on something that I know will be an easy win. Success, no matter how small, builds momentum. Look at those minor tasks that keep falling to the bottom of your to-do list and cross a few of them off. Schedule that overdue doctor’s appointment. Call that person you met at a networking event and have been meaning to follow-up with. Write the email you haven’t gotten to. Little wins add up to big ones, and making progress often boosts our confidence enough to push us out of a funk.

Sometimes we need a little self-encouragement. If you’re in a rut or the day just got away from you, try resetting by accomplishing a task you know you can rock. It’s a sneaky way to remind yourself that you are AMAZING.


4. Ask for Help

If you’ve been reflecting and realized that the days tend to get away from you and you find yourself resetting the day way too often, it’s time to ask for help. A lot of mompreneurs are running their business and helping their children with virtual learning, so it’s bound to be frustrating at times. Talk to your partner about your frustrations and work together to come up with a solution.

Perhaps you’ll need to modify your daily schedule for a few months, and that’s okay. Maybe your business has grown to the point where hiring help is the next logical step. Whatever the solution is, remember it’s okay to ask for help.


Should You Hire Help?

Hiring help can be a bit intimidating, especially for the first time. The scary thing about growing and expanding your business is managing the expenses of tools, subscriptions, and additional hired help. Are all these things worth it? Will you actually make money? Those are great questions and you should be asking them. To help you determine the value of hiring help for both your business and personal life, we’ve created a handy guide to walk you through it. This guide will help you think about what tasks you should hire help for and help you calculate if it makes sense financially. Click below to download this guide.

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