I fully intended on starting this blog with an inspirational quote about mornings, how they’re so important to rocking the day, how the early bird gets the worm, and how a morning is full of new opportunities… The truth is, YOU KNOW THAT. The problem isn’t that we are unaware that new days are filled with possibilities. The problem is that as a mom and a business owner each day has so many “possibilities” to conquer and we know the idea of facing them all in a 24 hour period can leave us feeling overwhelmed before we even get the day started.

One thing I have noticed is that if my morning starts in a positive and productive way, my day tends to go in the same trajectory. When the morning is a disaster, my whole day tends to follow suit. So, I embarked on a journey to figure out what things I should and shouldn’t do in order to start my mornings off right.

As a mompreneur, I know I am in a unique subcategory of women, so I wasn’t surprised when I didn’t find many helpful solutions that fit my lifestyle. Many of the suggestions were unrealistic and not sustainable. I do not have the time or energy to do 15 things every morning just to get the day started, and in order to keep up with those who meditate, work out, journal, reflect, and meal prep in the morning I would have to give up sleeping altogether.

Before I could create a killer morning routine for my busy mompreneur life I had to face one important truth: as a business owner and a mother, I am not able to control everything that happens throughout the day. Understanding that I’d like to share a few attainable and sustainable strategies to start every morning (or at least most of them!) on the right foot.


1. Stick to a Consistent Schedule

Ok, I see you laughing! I know how hard it can be to count on anything being consistent as a mom, BUT…the truth is, first thing in the morning is one of the ONLY times we can build a consistent routine and stick with it. When we develop and follow the same process every day, we get more done and avoid the fluctuating sleep and productivity levels that leave us physically and emotionally drained and irritable.

I start my day at 5:30 every morning when I get up and have breakfast with my husband before he leaves for work. This allows me time by myself to finish the rest of my morning routine with no interruptions because everyone else is still sleeping. For me, this been vital to feeling alert, awake, and energized. It also helps me feel in control and sets the rest of the day up for the same level of success. Now, I’m a morning person, and I’m not saying that YOU should get up at 5:30 if that’s not realistic for you. Start your day at a time when you know that you will be alone for the amount of time it takes to do the things essential to the day’s success and make it a non-negotiable routine.


2. Find What Energizes YOU

I’m not going to tell you to meditate, journal, buy a Peloton, join a gym, or engage in some other trendy self-care activity. (Although if one of those is good for you – DO THAT!) I have a friend who loves to meditate in the morning, but I have never been able to consistently meditate early in the day. My mind is just not ready. I do enjoy swimming first thing in the morning, so before my son is awake, I head out to the pool and swim some laps to clear my head and get some exercise in.

I do this before email, before work calls, and before anything else. Swimming helps me wake up, it’s something that I truly enjoy, and it energizes me for the day. Swimming helps me feel accomplished, happy, and ready to conquer whatever the day holds. I encourage you to explore what energizes you and invest in yourself because you deserve it. Oh, and please, find something that you truly enjoy!


3. Learn to Move On

In a perfect world, a consistent schedule and morning swim would always go as planned. But the truth is things happen. Kids get sick, clients have emergencies, an appliance breaks, and sometimes your morning routine goes right out the window. My advice in these situations is just to let it go! If your 30 minute yoga time was taken by a leaking dishwasher or a cranky toddler, that’s okay. While it’s important to do everything you can to hold your morning routine sacred, it’s equally important to recognize that somedays, despite your best efforts, it’s not gonna happen. Commit to finding some time alone later in the day if possible, and if not, commit to not missing the next day. As long as it’s a blip, not a pattern, resist the urge to beat yourself up, and move on with your day.

I remember waking up one workday morning, with a clear work plan. But some ants decided to invade the kitchen. I of course had to go on a killing spree and deep clean the kitchen. This threw off my day and instead of moving on I was stuck on the fact that the day was ruined. Complaining about the situation and loss of time does not bring it back. Things not going according to plan tend to destroy the daily mindset and it is important to simply move on.


4. Don’t Jump Straight into Email

I cannot stress this enough. I also speak from experience. Up until recently, the minute my eyes would open, I would grope for my phone and begin the day by reading emails and replying at 5:30 AM. This caused so problems, I won’t even mention them all, but here are two of the most critical. First, when your very first thoughts revolve around work, this automatically fills your head with work-related thoughts, and you have your entire morning routine to do. Second, you don’t really have time to address any concerns that you may learn about in those emails because you have kids to feed and get ready for school before you can fully dive into whatever the day holds.

This habit also sets unrealistic expectations for your clients. You are not expected to be on call 24-7 for your clients. It’s unhealthy and it’s not a sustainable business process. Answering emails first thing in the morning gives the impression that you can be reached at a moment’s notice any day of the week. If this is a message you’ve been sending, let’s change that expectation!


Time for a Break?

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