The last five months have been a complete blur, and it’s shocking to think that it’s already August! August? No way! Although this summer has been different from any we’ve experienced before, school is still starting back up (in some form). Regardless of how your child will be returning to school this fall, the education must commence!

August always brings with it serious Sunday evening vibes, so let’s make the best of the little summertime we have left! Some of our go-to summer activities may not be possible due to safety restrictions, but that shouldn’t stop us from making wonderful memories.

The funny thing about summer activities (especially when half of the world is shut down) is that they’re easy to dream up in the middle of February, but once summertime is actually here, they’re harder to remember. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Here are five easy ways to make magical family memories this summer, while staying safe and socially distant.


1) Road Trip to a National Park

Not every state has a National Park, but chances are good there’s one not too far from you. National Parks are huge and because of this, they are the ideal place to socially distance yourself from large crowds, even if there are many visitors. They also offer a ton to see and do in one area. This makes it easy to plan a day at the park for kids of all ages and attention spans.

A SERIOUS bonus for families with a fourth-grader:  Fourth graders can claim a pass that will give the entire family free access to every National Park in the United States. This free pass is part of the Every Kid Outdoors program, a federal initiative to get every fourth grader and their family to experience the places that are home to our country’s national treasures, rich history, and vibrant culture. To help you plan the perfect National Park trip and claim your free pass, click here.


2) Make An Elaborate Outdoor Picnic

There’s something about dragging a bunch of stuff outside of your home to build an elaborate picnic that is magical when you’re a child. Let your kids take the lead to figure out how they want to set everything up and what type of food will be on the menu. This is a great way to see their skills and talents shine through. Are they creative? Do they like to plan? Do they have a knack for cooking? Let their imaginations run wild!

Get your family excited about this and spend as much time outside as possible. Play some board games, tell jokes; the list is endless. Maybe even string up some lights and let the kids stay up a bit later that evening.  Sure, putting everything away afterward is a bit of a hassle, but I promise, the priceless smiles and photos are worth the effort!


3) Try a New Sport

Help your children create healthy habits this summer! With gyms being closed and new streaming services seeming to pop up every month, it can be hard to stay active. A great way to combine fitness and quality time is to pick up a new sport with your family. It doesn’t have to be an expensive venture like cycling or surfing; it can be something simple like badminton or kickball. There’s a ton of options for every type of family.

Make it fun! Mix in some competition and incentivize your kids to practice and win. This creates a great opportunity to talk to your children about the importance of staying physically active and show them first-hand how exercise can be fun.


4) See a Drive-in Movie

A drive-in movie theater screams 80s nostalgia and with social distancing being a part of our new norm, drive-in movie theatres of various forms are popping up here and there. There’s nothing like experiencing a drive-in or outdoor movie for the first time – not to mention, the savings of bringing your own snacks can seriously boost those college funds!

Many movie theaters are getting creative with drive-in and outdoor options to help their business. Do a quick Google search on outdoor and drive-in movie theaters in your area, you’re guaranteed to find something.


5) Film A 10-Second Daily Video

Although the options for activities are limited this summer, let’s remember to savor the moments we have together. Even the mundane and routine things are fun to look back on. This August, challenge yourself to record a ten-second video of your family every day. At the end of the month, stitch it all together with a video editing app (BeeCut is easy to use) and you’ll have over 5 minutes of magical family moments.

Don’t be afraid to capture moments of all kinds; film a tantrum and film a fast-food dinner alongside the happy picnics and drive-in movies. Let’s remember the messy, magical moments of our lives. They may not be perfect and we may not be exactly where we want to be, but we’re on our way. Celebrate the journey this August!

Magical memories aren’t only made in Disneyland and don’t have to cost a fortune; they can be made right in your backyard. This August, be intentional about spending time as a family, spending time outside, and documenting your memories!